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“Vulnerable Things is a user-friendly coordinated vulnerability disclosure management and reporting service for security researchers and consumer Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers.

Vulnerable Things aims to improve consumer IoT Security by:

  1. Helping consumer IoT manufacturers manage the process of vulnerability reporting, management and coordinated vulnerability disclosure
  2. Making it easier for security researchers and users to report vulnerabilities to IoT manufacturers

The platform is currently in its pilot stage, having been seed-funded by the UK Government and established by the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) and Oxford Information Labs (a Cyber Security Intelligence specialist consultancy).

It is our intention to provide a low-cost tool to help IoT vendors manage vulnerability reports, simplify communication with IoT researchers and provide access to useful materials and consultants who can help. This is a pilot period, and hence use of the platform is free. Once the pilot is over we will be considering how the platform will be managed going forward, and options include introducing a small annual fee.

Comments are welcome on all aspects of this pilot (including pricing). The latest contact details can be found here.

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